Audi, fka Kells Audacious, is a 10.5 year old red female born on May 15, 2010. Her sire is Team Record and her dam is Too Late. She has no races to her credit on Greyhound Data. She came to GALT as part of a cruelty seizure. Audi should not live with cats.

Audi is absolutely the youngest senior dog you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. She won over every vet and every volunteer she's met with her loving personality.

Audi grabs a toy first thing in the morning and takes one to bed at night. She carries a toy outside with her and then back inside again. Like the well kept secret about seniors everywhere, she's fun and a joy and silly and loving and so appreciates everything she has.

As the weeks have gone by, Audi is becoming more assertive about her "rightful" place as the matriarch. She tries hard now to be the first to grab a treat, although she's learning to take turns. At meal times, she can be found bouncing up and down for her dinner.

She arrived with wobbly legs, and now walks 1-2 miles most days of the week, arriving home with energy to spare. If she spies a cat or small dog on an outing, she gets extremely excited. Because of her high prey drive, Audi should not live with kitties or little dogs.

Audi has a very soft thick coat and is also renowned for her thick neck! For a girl about to turn 11, it is noteworthy that the most prominent white on her face is the "skunk stripe" running up her face from her nose to her forehead. This girl has been through some hard times, but you'd never know it by her attitude and loving nature. She's a real jewel!

Audi's Foster Parents