Aston, aka Atascocita Aston, is a 3-year-old red male born June 29, 2013. His sire is Atascocita Bowl and his dam is Atascocita Oprah. Aston has no races on record, preferring to head straight for retirement.

Aston has passed a cat test and is living in a foster home with cats.

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Aston is a sweet, friendly guy who soaks up affection and positive reinforcement. He is an omega dog who even submits to the Chihuahua. Having another dog, preferably an alpha female that he can defer to, would be a huge plus. Aston gets along well with dogs of all breeds, small dogs, children and cats. He likes to meet new people and enjoys social gatherings. Aston is physically powerful and would not be a good fit for folks with limited mobility or strength. Though he may look the part, Aston is not cut out to be a therapy dog.

Aston loves to hang his head out of the car. He smiles, especially when he first wakes up in the morning, and always wakes up happy. The only thing he loves more than breakfast is dinner. On the way to his crate where he eats, he hops twice, turns in a circle, and then scampers to his crate and waits for his meal to catch up. Every. Single. Time.

Probably his strangest behavior is that he loves to be groomed. I bathe him in the shower. All I have to do is open the door and in he walks with me. He loves the hand-held shower head and thinks the blow dryer is the best thing ever.

Aston does suffer from anxiety that is much improved with medication and strict crating in a heavy-duty professional grade crate will be an integral part of the relationship. Soft-sided or wire crates are not sufficient. His ideal home would be with someone who has experience with anxious dogs and would be willing to ride out a storm while he adjusts to his new life. If his prospective adopter worked at home or was retired, even better! His new family should be willing to accept that Aston will require lots and lots of affection to be comfortable in his forever home. Patience will prevail and Aston will be a faithful companion.

Aston's Foster Mom

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