Ashley, fka Barts Spark Lynn, is a 2 1/2 year old brindle female born on July 12, 2018. Her sire is SH Avatar and her dam is Barts Milehigh. She has 65 races to her credit. Ashley is ready for her family as soon as she completes her medical evaluation and will be evaluated for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Ashley is the absolute sweetest dog! She’s a smaller girl with soulful eyes and cutest little origami ears! She’s also a little Velcro pup always needing to follow you around the house to make sure she never misses out on anything cool! Her favorite things in the world seem to be any kind of food/ treat and any fuzzy toy with a squeaker! The louder the squeaker the better! She has surgeon skills with pinpointing and removing the squeakers!

She absolutely loves going outside to the yard or on walks to enjoy some primo squirrel watching/ chasing. She’s very good on the leash and only pulls when a squirrel has been spotted. (But she’s been getting better and better with that!)

There’s no such thing as a stranger to Ashley. She loves new people and new dogs! (Large or medium sized) I think she would do very well with at least one other dog in the house (she has shown some signs of separation anxiety). She has been great during storms and doesn’t seem to mind going potty out in the rain. Ashley doesn’t talk much unless it’s time to get up in the morning or she’s really revved to play! All in all, Ashley has a lot of personality in a small greyhound body.

Ashley's Foster Parents