Ashley Ashley

Ashley was born June 5, 2007 to Trixie as part of GALT's Second Family. Ashley is a most beautiful blue fawn with gorgeous gray eyes. While on the petite side, she is definately one to stick up for herself. This pretty girl loves to play, play, play! If greyhound puppies went to parties, she would be the ultimate party girl. Her daddy wouldn't need to worry about her! This girl definately lets you know what she thinks. She loves to jump on boxes in the backyard and jump into the small kiddie pool. She'll also put her head under water and blow bubbles. She loves to chew on anything hard but doesn't chew on anything she shouldn't. She is learning where she should and shouldn't go potty and each day gets a little better. Treats for a job well done (pottying outside) and sitting are eagerly appreciated. She is very food motivated and should be fairly easy to train. Ashley will grow up to be a very gorgeous grown up grey!

Pictures taken 8/10/07:

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