Asher Asher

Asher, aka Dogtor Speedy, is a seven-year-old, white male born on July 16, 1999 to sire, Flying Highball, and dam, River Doll. Asher did not enjoy racing, leaving the track life in 2001 after only 5 maiden races. Asher was adopted shortly after that, but unfortunately things didn't work out and he is once again looking for a place to call home. Asher is a quiet boy and his foster family says he has been a perfect gentleman in the house. Asher is cat tolerant.

Asher is a very cute 7 year old with very expressive eyes. They look directly at you and seem to speak volumes. He is always very happy to see you come home and will greet you by rubbing and knocking his head against you.


Asher is not food motivated. He eats at a slow pace and sometimes will want to go outside in the middle of his meal, and then finish it when he comes back in. He is not very interested in his food unless he sees you stir some type of gravy into it.

Asher sleeps well on a dog bed in my room at night. During the day he does not have the need to be in the same room with you all the time, and is content to just know you are in the next room. He loves to be hugged on and get his neck scratched. He has not had one accident since coming to our house. He does not need to go out to go potty very often and he will let you know he needs to go by standing by the door and touching it with his nose. He does not mind going into his crate when you leave the house.

Asher walks very well on a leash. He likes to be the leader of the pack and he is all business when walking. No wandering from side-to-side, but straight ahead as if on a mission. He will talk to any dog that he hears barking.

Asher was in a home as a single pet for several years but was recently returned to GALT. He does not like his collar pulled on and may express his displeasure with a growl and snap. If asked to do something, like 'Let's go potty' and all the dogs are going outside, he usually decides he does not want to go. This is when you get his leash and take him out (but don't just reach for his collar). The people in his forever home will have to learn his personality and how to work with him to make sure he is happy and feels safe and secure in his environment. He will probably do best in a home without small children.

Asher's Foster Mom
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