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Arrow, aka Righteous Party, is a 3.5 year old fawn male born March 12, 2015. His sire is Surf Lorian and his dam is Lost Love. Arrow has 77 races on record from 2017 to 2018 in Florida, Arkansas and Iowa. He is just fine with small dogs but has not yet been tested with cats.

Arrow is very handsome red fawn with beautiful eyes, a soft plush coat and even softer ears. And he is one of the most chill greyhounds to come into our house as a foster with NO household experience. He walked in the door, looked around inside and looked around outside, did the sniffing bit with the other greyhound in house and then took a nap – and roached during that nap. He has remained that chill ever since and still roaches all the time. Arrow has done well at meet and greets when he’s encountered small dogs – they are a non-issue to him.

He learned the household routines fast. He knows verbal commands for stop, back, and stay, and has not had an accident in the house since he settled in. We never crated him (didn’t have to) and we can leave him to play with toys or chew on bones.

BUT be prepared, that handsome needle nose will be into anything with a human food smell…especially refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, cabinets, your coffee cup and popcorn bowl. He doesn’t grab food or counter-surf although he is tall enough to do so. I just think he is fascinated by the smell of human food.

And finally, he LOVES to cuddle. If you are sitting in an armless chair, he comes up beside you, leans his head and neck across your chest and just wraps himself around you. If you are in a chair with arms or on the sofa, he stands across your front and leans his head into your hands. And because he feels like a warm, plush teddy bear, it is so fun to cuddle him. Smart boy. And then there are those soft, soft ears.

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