Arden, aka Flying Arden, is a beautiful 8 1/2 fawn female born March 2, 2010. Her sire is Trojan Cruze and her dam is Flying Crestline. Arden has 149 races to her credit on Greyhound-Data, starting at Derby Lane on 8/31/11 and finishing at Wheeling Downs on January 31, 2014. Then she went on to whelp 18 pups. Arden needs her own retirement couch and one without cats please!

Arden came into our home and settled right in. All she needs to be happy is a fluffy dog bed and LOTS of love from her humans. If she could find someone who could pet her all day long she would be in heaven. Arden has shown no issues at all with our pack of 4 sighthounds. She likes to play with them in the backyard and run a few zoomies in the mornings. She eats well and has learned that treats are awesome. She loves anyone who pays attention to her and has no shame in asking for as much love as she can get. She loves to wrap her neck and around yours and give you a hug. She also gives tiny, sweet kisses and LOVES for her face to be covered in kisses. She sleeps well thru the night and has learned to let us know she needs out by whining just a bit to get our attention. We are still working with her on going up and down the stairs. She will go up if you "walk" her up step by step but has not figured out how to do it on her own just yet. She is still unsure when going down the stairs and takes a bit of convincing to get started. She's a smart girl and she will learn to do it on her own in her own time. She will make a wonderful addition to a family that has a fluffy bed for her to lie on and endless love to give her.

Arden's Foster Parents

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