Archie, fka KB’s Easy Goer, is a 3 year old red male born on January 5, 2017. His sire is Gigawatt and his dam is Blackjack Arch. According to Greyhound Data, Archie ran 66 races at various US tracks. He is undergoing medical evaluation and will be tested with cats and small animals soon.

Archie is a gentle giant who loves attention. He will come and stand right by you so you can give lots of petting and affection. Archie will keep an eye on his human companions and if you leave the room he will follow you to see where you are going. Archie walks fairly well on a leash. We have been using a harness due to his size. He is a counter surfer and will check out anything within reach. We have been working on correcting that behavior and he is improving.

Archie recently discovered stuffed toys and loves to play with them. He will often take them outside with him and then leaves them in the yard. This sweet boy is housetrained and eats his meals in his crate. The crate however is not one of his favorite places otherwise.

Archie gets along well with his two foster sisters and he really enjoys being with his people. He will most likely do best in a home where his people are usually nearby and include him in their activities.

Archie's Foster Family

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