Annie is an approximately 5 year-old white and fawn female found as a stray in McAllen, Texas. Annie was transported to San Antonio where she stayed overnight with GALT volunteers and adopters, and then was sent on to Dallas. Annie's bloodwork allowed her to proceed with all her medical procedures.

It is not known at this time if Annie is small animal or cat tolerant.

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Dreamboat Annie is a social butterfly who wants to be where the action is. Whether it’s in the bathroom while I’m getting ready for work in the morning or in the kitchen cooking dinner, Annie will be there. Never in the way, just quietly off to the side watching the action. When I’m watching TV, I can expect her to be by my side sleeping or waiting for a gentle rub. Wherever there is an empty hand, there is Annie. She loves human interaction.

She rides well in the car, curling up in the seat and occasionally sitting up to check out the scenery. She’s in a home with another grey who at times can be a bit territorial but that never gets her down. Annie moves on to brighter and happier surroundings. She is comfortable with a dog door. I don’t think she particularly likes the vacuum cleaner but then neither do I! She heads outside or to a distant other room at the first site of that contraption entering the house. I often find her outside waiting patiently for the dust to settle and to be coaxed back into the house.

Annie loves walks. She leads and wants to smell everything so it’s stop when she stops, go when she goes. Keeping a short reign on her seems to make for a smoother stroll. We haven’t had the delight of seeing a cute bunny or any other small furry creature on our walks but I would expect her to be excited to see them. She’s strong, so it’s important to keep a tight grip on the leash.

Annie is a sweet and happy hound. The social butterfly in our home. She will be a ‘greyt’ companion in a forever loving home.

Annie's Foster Mom

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