Angel Angel

Angel, aka WH Mamas Angel, is a gorgeous 4½-year-old red brindle female, born January 29, 2002. Her sire is WD's Santiago and her dam is Tebogo. Angel's racing career consists of 17 races starting in Dubuque in August 31, 2003, moving to VictoryLand and ending in Mobile, Alabama, on December 29, 2003. From there she went to a blood bank to be a donor. Angel arrived with Ehrlichia and Babesia, tick-borne diseases. Under GALT's guidelines, her medical treatment has been a success, and she is now ready to find her forever home! Angel is not small animal or cat tolerant.


Her name is Angel - and she is an angel. She is a beautiful solid-built girl and is quite the athlete. She has bits of white on her feet, a star on her chest, and freckles on her stomach. What a sweet girl. She does not counter surf, is housetrained, and uses the dog door. She loves everyone and is affectionate. She's a "greyhound on alert" and barks if she wants to let you know someone is coming.

Angel loves her walks and to encourage you to take her often, she shows you how perfect she is on a leash and walks right beside you. Always watching for squirrels and cats, she doesn't whine but she watches closely. She loves car rides, and rides very well. Angel seems to be a little too interested in the cats, so she needs a home without them.

She is not crated because she is so well trained. She responds well to any correction. She actually adjusted to her foster home in a couple of hours.


Angel has a healthy appetite, so don't bother her while she's eating. She's really low maintenance and only wants to love and be loved. If you leave your closet door open, you might miss a shoe or two - not to worry - Angel hasn't chewed them, just moved them around the house.

Her napping places of choice are a dog bed in the living room during the day and a dog bed in the bedroom at night or on the bathroom rug. Just make it soft, please.

Angel has learned to play with stuffie toys and will frequently grab one and run around the yard with it.

Angel is such a sweet girl and loves affection. You can lay down on the floor with her and she will cuddle with you. She comes when you call her (you might have a cookie). She could be a single pet if she gets the attention she needs. What an Angel!!

Angel's Foster Mom
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