Andi, aka Glitter Andi, is an adorable, 6½-year-old black female born May 10, 2007. Her sire is Jimbo Scotty and her dam is Glitter Pepper, making her grand sire the famous Gable Dodge. Andi has no races to her record, but instead has her eyes set on early retirement and lots of fun. She is a young girl who is playful and affectionate, and just wants to be where you are. Andi was in a home for 4½ years, but has since returned to GALT due to a change in family circumstances.

Andi’s living with cats: Andi is cat trainable and has been receiving the close supervision for that training during her stay in her foster home. At first I had serious doubts because she was very interested, but somewhat distractible. With a little more time, she was moderately interested. She backed off when Lila hissed at her. Domino held his ground with her, and she learned to keep her distance with him. She didn’t bother Nigel much until a little chase later in the day. She lost interest once he was out of reach, though.

Andi’s meeting with little dogs: Andi passed her small dog test with flying colors. A friend brought over the calmest (Princess) and the most obnoxious (Breezy) Chihuahuas she had. Andi was fine with both. Breezy never stopped yapping; she was quite afraid of Andi and me. Andi was OK with her, but had to jump out of the way of her snapping when she got too close for Breezy’s overall discomfort. Like reverse cat-testing, Breezy is not tolerant of large dogs! Princess was not an issue. She was sweet and seemed interested in meeting Andi, too.

Andi's original pictures at age 1½:

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