Amelie, fka Last Fiesta, is a 3 year old white with black female born on March 22, 2017. Her sire is Last Outlaw and her dam is Flaring Fiesta. Amelie has 52 races to her credit according to Greyhound Data. Amelie is currently undergoing medical evaluation and has yet to be evaluated with cats or small animals.

Amelie is a beautiful young cow-dog and has turned into a lazy girl following her racing career. Amelie now “works” full time at the bank upstairs. She is a lazy coworker who sleeps her days away, sometimes happily roaching. She is the silent type though, only making noise when it’s time for her walk.

Her favorite thing is her evening walk. She can get very excited and starts jumping. Don’t expect long walks from this lazy girl though. After a few blocks she starts heading up each driveway, hoping she is home. When she is home, she loves a good squeaky toy, especially as her people are settling in to sleep.

Her best trick is making food disappear. She is not very ladylike when it comes to food. She is getting better about not taking your food off the counter. She also has a great ability to get pets from anyone she chooses. Amelie likes to get beef lung when she comes inside from doing her business. She is not a picky girl, any types of treats are acceptable in her book.

Amelie is the quiet observant type. She prefers to take things slowly and assess her situation. This girl is in need of constant reassurance. She loves her family and demands loves from people she is comfortable with. She seems indifferent about her furry siblings. While Amelie enjoys getting loved on, she doesn't like it when you touch her fanny. She will give a warning growl and occasionally a quick snap. For this reason she should not be around small children.

A low key home would be ideal for Amelie - a family to take her on short walks, give her plenty of treats, have comfortable dog beds and hang out together. Other canine companions are fine too.

Amelie's Foster Family

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