Amby, aka B's Omby Amby, is a dark brindle boy born on July 27, 2003. The son of sire, WW Time Warp, and dam, Pen Tab, this handsome three year old began racing in Bridgeport, CT at the Shoreline track. He moved to Texas in order to give Valley Park and Corpus Christi a try, but retired after 46 races. Amby may not have been a strong contender in the racing circuit, but his sweet personality is certain to win him a first-rate home. Amby is cat tolerant but has not been tested with small dogs.

Hi everyone! My name is Amby. I recently finished racing in April and arrived at my foster home soon afterwards. This was my first time inside a house. At first, I was not sure what the TV was or what was going on when my foster mom was running water in the sink, but I soon figured out these are all normal sounds around the house. My foster mom gave me a little house inside the big one called a "crate." I love taking naps in my little house during the day and she puts me in there at night to sleep. I have never had an accident in the house and I just pace to let my foster parents know when it's time to go out to potty.

One of the best things about my foster home is all of the squeaky toys they have. My favorites are a rubber squeaky basketball and a screaming monkey. I help my foster mom to collect them from all over the house, and I put them into my crate so I can play with them whenever I want. Sometimes, I also help her collect a sock or T-shirt too. My foster parents are teaching me about kitties. I had never seen a kitty before I moved here. I used to chase them around for fun, but I realized that they don't like it very much, so I just play with my squeaky toys instead.

They also cook some really good smelling food around here. Even though my foster parents never let me have what they're eating, I would definitely take some if they left me a little treat on the counter. They do give me treats which I've never had before called "milk bones" and "greenies." I do like to eat those.

My foster parents are also teaching me how to walk really well on a leash. Since I'm still encountering new things I've never seen before, they can be kind of scary, especially if I have to walk alone. I enjoy having the other hounds go with me, so they can tell me what is scary and what is safe. Fewer things seem scary to me now, though—they're all just part of life in retirement. Even though I really like living here with my foster parents, the kitties, and a couple other hounds, I'm confident I'd love living in a forever home too.

Amby, via his foster parents
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