Alf, aka Al Red Master, is a 4½-year-old red male born October 8, 2004. His sire is AE’s Cain A and his dam is Alto Annie. Alf was found as a stray in Plano, and was turned over to the City of Plano Animal Shelter. It is evident he has been outside awhile, as his coat is rough. That will clear up with time, of course. He is a sweet and loving, velcro boy!

Alf’s cat test: Alf is cat trainable. He was a little excited upon seeing the new creatures, but after meeting each one, he mostly ignored them. He was allowed free roam of the house once his non-interest in cats was established.

Alf, or Alfie as we’ve been calling him, is definitely a big-time sweetheart. He loves to be right where you are and gives the sweetest little kisses you could imagine. He has done fantastic in our house which includes another grey, 2 cats and 2 very active little boys, ages 4 and 1. He likes getting hugs and kisses from the boys and doesn’t seem to mind when a paw gets stepped on accidentally.

He loves to run in the backyard and does excellent on the leash. He does notice bunnies and squirrels but will keep on walking with a firm “No Alfie.” He loves his stuffies and spends lots of time very carefully arranging them in just the right spots. If you move them he just waits until you aren’t looking and then puts them right back. He seems to find this quite funny. He doesn’t love going in the crate while we’re at work, but doesn’t put up a fight about going in.

Alfie is eating and drinking well. He will come get you when he needs to go out.

We have definitely enjoyed having him with us and know that he will make his forever family a wonderful new friend.

Alf's Foster Parents
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