Abe, fka Barts About Time, is an almost 3 year old black with white male born on September 30, 2018. His sire is Shonn and his dam is B’s Air Time. According to Greyhound Data, he has 37 races in Florida and West Virginia. Abe is being evaluated medically. Abe should not live with cats, nor small dogs.

Abe is a sweet, affectionate, and gentle boy. And if you hadn't noticed, he is absolutely gorgeous with his fancy tuxedo markings! This silly boy tends to lay down anywhere and only recently found his love for big, comfy beds, formerly preferring the hard wood floors. He is unintentionally well-trained and does not get on furniture; though if you like dogs on your couch, I’m sure he’ll learn.

He really loves humans and is happy standing next to you to get his pets. We think he is better suited to live with at least one other medium to large dog. They generate excitement for him and is truly happy with a canine companion. Abe gets really excited for our daily walks. He enjoys our yard and likes playing with our greys. Toys are fun though they don't really excite him. Food, however, is a different story - Abe loves food and treats!

Since living with us Abe has been around a toddler for a short amount of time and did really well and has also done well around medium sized dogs. Because of his strong prey drive, Abe should not live with cats or small fluffy dogs. Abe isn't very vocal and could possibly live in an apartment. He has not mastered a set of stairs at this point, only the few steps leading up to our front door. Abe will be a perfect addition to your family with his gentle, loving spirit.

Abe' Foster Family

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