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Tasting Benefit

November 5, 2005


I had a dream that I was hosting a huge gala. It was spectacular! The weather was perfect! As I walked through my house, I could see wonderful human food and silent auction items.

Kristen Fields and Debi Joynt were at the door checking people in and giving them their bidder numbers. Joe Hoiles was on the patio bar serving beer; dad (Eddie Estrada) was pouring Tequilas and Margaritas at his bar. Gloria Eppig was selling raffle tickets for the door prizes. There were two wine stands manned by John Hudson, Suzanne Griggs and Ann Marie Cariotis.

There I was, dressed to the nines, in my best red hat and formal attire. I asked Max what all the commotion in the kitchen was about. He said he'd read a sign about guessing the number of "greyt" treats in a jar to win a beautiful basket, but he did not buy a ticket because he wanted the treats, not all the wine and human goodies. There was a second sign about guessing the number of wine corks in a huge glass container, but Max was right - who wants wine, wine glasses and chocolate?

I could hear Mom (Jhon Estrada) and Scott Young talking about the event making money for GALT's greyhounds. It seems they raised about $1000.00 over last year's event. I was drawn to the roar of laughter in the kitchen. I thought to myself, "The humans must be enjoying their food." And then I saw where Mary Hoiles was. She had a strawberry and a marshmallow on a wooden skewer and was dunking it in chocolate. "Yeah," I thought to myself, "the humans like chocolate as much as we Greys like our yogurt."

Suddenly, I heard the doorbell. I woke up and ran to see who was visiting me. As I got to the door, Max was letting Eric and Steve Eppig in (I had to hurry to get as many pats in as Max). It seems they were the first to arrive from the clean-up crew. I had not been dreaming - last night, November 5th, we did host the "Greyt" Wine, Tequila, Beer & Chocolate Tasting!! Joe and Mary Hoiles arrived also, to help get the house back in order.

I want to thank everyone who attended and bid on all the wonderful auction items and all the businesses that donated items, time and money to help make this event a huge success!

  • BRB International
  • North Coast Brewery
  • D'Hierro
  • Sigel's Liquor Store
  • George Floors
  • StradCo Builders
  • Heritage House
  • The Irish Rover
  • Kennel Busters
  • Sushi Rock
  • Travel Jewelers
  • Lone Star Granite
  • Trinity Floors
  • Metroplex Hypnosis
  • Wallco Dry Wall
  • Whitaker Custom Homes

I dreamed of sharing my toys and treats with all the GALT volunteers as a special Thank Roo! Debi Joynt, John Hudson, Kristen Fields, Ann Marrie Cariotis, Denise Allen, Joe and Mary Hoiles, Suzanne Griggs, John Rocca and Scott Young.

As I drifted off to dreamland, I could see all the individual donors outside playing and laughing. I could see Steve and Gloria Eppig, Dawn and Togie Flowers, John and Susie McQuade, Betty, Ricardo and Ian Espino, Carolyn and Lawrence White, Emily Danskin, Glenda Kohler, Sharon Mausing, Kris Schuster, Brady Tinker and Missy Wooten. They were gathered around Julie McEachern as she finished her painting "Where the Heart Is". This painting was on display and will be available for auction at our annual Dinner Benefit in the spring.

Everyone had a "GREYT" time and all the greyhounds from GALT will be the beneficiaries of all the hard work and dedication. Maximus and I cannot begin to THANK ROO enough. I think I will take a little siesta on that note, and let the ideas bounce around in my head for next year.

*Please note that dear Cleopatra, beloved Greyhound of Jhon and Eddie Estrada, went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 1, 2005. Future wine-tasting events benefiting GALT's greyhounds will be held in her memory.

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