Visit to TSCC

November 24, 2002
Denison, TX

In keeping with the season, on Sunday, November 24, 2002, GALT volunteers and their greyhounds visited the residents and staff of the Texoma Specialty Care Center at 1300 Memorial Drive, Denison, Texas. GALT's visit was hosted by Nicki Deasey, member of the Animal Committee.

Texoma Specialty Care Center is an Eden nursing home, a facility that has dogs, cats and birds living in a home environment with the residents. Texoma Specialty Care Center adopted a greyhound, Bayleigh, from GALT. Bayleigh was at the front door to welcome her nine greyhound friends and their owners. In fact, Bayleigh has claimed the lobby as her own, and that is where she sleeps. It had been a while since Bayleigh had seen so many greyhounds and she was excited (and maybe a little overwhelmed) to see her friends. Those who participated were Melissa Cody with Fancy and Winston, Lisa Bengelsdorf with Mandy and Lola, Susie McQuade with Katie Bonnet and Bob, Suzanne Griggs with Sage, and Fred Busche with Bee and Callie.

Many of the residents were able to come to the lobby to pet the dogs. The GALT volunteers and dogs visited the rooms of many of those who were unable to come to the lobby. The greyhounds also had an opportunity to play outside with the other dogs living at the nursing home in their enclosed back yard, which the residents enjoyed watching. Many of the residents and staff had never seen a greyhound other than Bayleigh and they were fascinated with their variety of colors and intrigued by their beauty, grace and gentle manner.

In addition to visiting with the staff and residents, GALT presented gifts for the animals and residents. Fossil, Inc. donated 20 pairs of reading glasses; Touch of Class Florist donated a magazine rack, and GALT members donated magazines and many books. GALT also donated a basket of food, treats and toys for the birds; a basket of food, treats and toys for the cats; and two baskets of food, treats and toys for the dogs, plus a 40-pound bag of dog food. Bayleigh was also presented with a new collar made by K-9 Design.

A special thanks for the individual gifts donated by Lisa Bengelsdorf, Kris Schuster, Nancy Colwell, John and Susie McQuade and Suzanne Griggs.

As always, GALT volunteers are very giving, and the residents and staff of Texoma Specialty Care Center were the greytful recipients.