Think Like a Greyhound

August 10, 2003

August 10, 2003 brought out lots of greyhound owners who wanted to learn how to "Think Like a Greyhound" from Mary Waugh. The greys were there to let you know if you were doing it correctly. To help Mary demonstrate greyhound training, she brought her Dobermans, Devon and Casanova.

During the three-hour seminar, Mary covered many aspects of being a good greyhound owner and "tricks" to use to make everyone happy - greyhounds and greyhound owners alike.

Mary furnished written material in three basic areas: Being a Good Leader, The Myth of the Alpha Dog, and Motivation. It was an interactive session with plenty of opportunity for practice with the greyhounds.

In addition there were treats for owners and dogs and four greyt raffle items. The dog bed and greyhound picture were won by Darla Abrego. Suzanne Griggs won the dog pillow and dog basket. The winner of the bronze greyhound bookends and book was Judy Lamberty. Jason Carr rounded out the raffle by taking home the wooden double raised dog feeder.

Thanks to the following folks who participated in this fun event:

Ruthanna Sweatman
Steve Cobb
Janis Brown
Joyce England
Martha Gregorich
Joann Young
Jane Grace
Buffy Milner
Melissa Cody
Ingrid Kjelstrup

Suzanne Burke
Eddie & Jhon Estrada
Marissa Merrill
Randy Shipp
Susan Verhault
Darla & Keith Abrego
Wendy & Dreg Dement
John & Susie McQuade
Liz Verhault
Cathy Timberlake

Teresa Sterling
David Kinnard
Tom, Tricia & Ian Thomas
Judy and Bob Lamberty
Terry and Angela Walling
Jason and Mary Carr
Maria Holt
Kris Schuster
Suzanne Griggs
Carrie Ellis

A special thanks to Bill Chaillot for allowing GALT to use the Houn' House Kennels training building for this event.

See you next time!