Settlers Ridge Visit

October 10, 2004

The rain didn't keep GALT members and their greyhounds from delivering pumpkins to the residents at Settlers Ridge Care Center in Celina on Sunday, October 10, 2004 to help usher in Fall. The residents were thrilled to have so many greyhounds and their people visit them and resident greyhounds, Angel and Michael (now called Mikey). Almost every color of greyhound was represented. Some greyhounds, like the residents, were senior citizens, and some were just out of puppyhood. Maverick (an angel), Huston (a devil) and Friday (super dog) came in costume. Lisa Samuels, administrator, was hostess. She had each GALT member introduce his or her greyhounds. Everyone enjoys greyhound stories.

GALT presented Settlers Ridge with pumpkins, a basket of paints and small decorative pumpkins and a bag of rawhides and copper cornucopia filled with dog toys, treats, pig ears, rawhides, and toothbrushes for Angel and Mikey.

As a way to repay GALT for the joy given to Settlers Ridge by Angel and Mikey, and as a way to help find forever homes for more greyhounds, Settlers Ridge donated a quarter stall on the GALT hauler.

The GALT family and their greyhounds who participated in the greyt pumpkin delivery and visit were:

Kris Schuster & Liz Sizemore with Hershey & Sophie
Susie McQuade with Bob and Turbo
Carol Sahlfeld with Lindsay
Kristin Fields with Maverick
Suzanne Burke with Huston
Annette Hall with Tricky
Randy Whipple with Jordan
Sara and Kent Ramadan with Friday

Amy and Maur Sela with Patrick
Marcia Snyder with Brindy
Stacy Samuels with Duke and Jill
Suzanne Griggs with Taylor
Karen Lee Humphries with Ashley
Rita Greer with Pyper
Melody McLaughlin with Chuy

GALT is greytful to Lisa Samuels and Settlers Ridge Care Center for inviting the greyhounds to visit.