Settlers Ridge Visit

October 18, 2003

On October 18, 2003, Angel, the Settlers Ridge Care Center greyhound, eagerly greeted her GALT guests at the door - all thirteen greyhounds and fourteen people. She introduced all the hounds to the residents, who were thrilled to be able to pet so many dogs. Each owner gave the history of his or her greyhound. The residents also loved seeing all the different color combinations and various sizes of the greyhounds. They were also delighted to receive the many pumpkins to decorate their facility for fall. Angel was especially excited about her toy and treats in the fall basket provided by GALT.

Lisa Samuels, the Settlers Ridge administrator, was there with her greyhound, Jill. The GALT volunteers and greyhounds who helped usher in the fall season at Settlers Ridge were:

Buffy Milner with Katina & Jetty
Kris Schuster with Sophie
Suzanne Griggs with Taylor
Kelly Craven with Boomer
Mark & Becki Denetz with Sparky

Doug & Marcia Snyder with Brin & Boomerang
William & Shelley Latta with Shirley & Kadee
Susie McQuade with Koka Mo & Katie Bonnet
Charlzan Mitchell and her mother with Katy
Ken Spurlock