Foster Meeting

March 30, 2008

The Training Building at Houn House was the location for GALT's Spring Foster Meeting on Sunday, March 30, 2008. Forty-seven (47) attendees enjoyed refreshments, learned new medical information, received tips for a successful meet and greet and other fostering information, and visited with other fosters. That's always good for a new story. A few of the foster dogs even attended as this was a good exchange place for new folks taking home a new foster Greyhound. Jennifer Henager was announced as the new Foster Coordinator. Suzanne Cody is taking a well-deserved rest, but she will be helping in other ways.

This was a totally free afternoon – free food, free raffle items, free prizes, free dog toys, free homemade dog treats, and of course, free advice. Well, free unless you purchased a Volunteer Packet or a new fancy collar for your pup. Thanks to Holly Goodlet for making the dog toys and the Cabot Cookies. Of course, Cabot was the taster to make sure they were okay for all the other dogs. I think he volunteered to do that next time, too.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves and took home some new information. GALT looks forward to a long relationship with existing fosters and to working with new fosters. The Greyhounds and GALT are very greytful to all of you.