Camper Scamper

April 8, 2006

It just wouldn't be April without Camper Scamper, so, of course, GALT and the Greyhounds were there bright and early, regardless of the chilly, windy weather. Coffee helped the humans get warm and the Greyhounds were content to lean on the humans for extra warmth. GALT volunteers and some of the Greyhounds participated in the walk while others stayed at the booth to talk to the public about Greyhounds. There were certainly plenty of people to pet the Greyhounds which made them happy. Apache, in his usual fashion, rolled on the ground and exposed his tummy so everyone would give him a tummy rub.

Some whole Greyhound families attended (the Colwell greys, Corky, Apache, Joey and Caty; and Cheryl Boeve with Paris) and others brought their dogs and foster (Trevor, Abbe, and Lexi Bray with foster, Sulu; Alex Mayes and new foster, Early; Sophie and Hershey Schuster and foster Mayme) and other just brought fosters to show (Dan by Adrianna Rojas; Poppy by Abbe Collins; Tulip by David Cole; Raz by Stephanie Lee; Kiowa by Steve and Ardith Couey). Rocket and Kelly brought parents, David and Cheryl McMillan and Bob McQuade wouldn't have missed it for the world. He even brought a Greyhound friend, Holt, while his dad went on a haul to California.

In addition to having a greyt time, the event raised some needed funds for Camp John Marc.