Camper Scamper

April 10, 2004

GALT was honored to participate in the 10th Annual Camper Scamper on April 10, 2004. The event was a huge success for the special children's camp, Camp John Marc. It was a success for GALT as well. Sincere Thanks to Karen Campbell for inviting GALT for the third year in a row.

GALT was visited by Babe Laufenburg, Grand Marshall of the event and television sports personality and former Dallas Cowboy, who was photographed surrounded by greyhounds. He got to pet each one.

This event was successful as an adoption event, too. Erik Dinsmore was there with foster, Royal, who was selected for adoption, by Andrew and Jennifer Brawley.

This was also the first time GALT met Stephanie Powell and her family, human and canine. They chose Charity to be the new member of their family. Charity is the one sporting the rabbit ears. Not only are the Powells members of the GALT family as new adopters, they now also foster Buddy.

Jonna and Mike Mayes also first became acquainted with GALT at Camper Scamper. Jonna, Mike, and Mica, their daughter and two shelties are now owned by Alex. They are also active GALT volunteers.

Camper Scamper 2003 was when GALT first met Charlzann and Richard Mitchell, who now proudly have greyhounds Katy (formerly Jypsy) and Duncan, and are also active volunteers.

Many GALT fosters, members and volunteers participated in the walk and run and showed off their greyhounds and helped let the public know about the wonderful greyhounds. Thanks to Kris Schuster, Kristin Fields, Suzanne Burke, Chris Crawford, Sara and Kent Ramadan, Kerry Berends, Angela and Terry Walling, Cheryl Boeve, Joann Young, Erik Dinsmore, Cathy Timberlake, Emily Danskin, Jane and Mike Gartenhaus, Mary Thoms, Charlzann and Richard Mitchell, Susie McQuade and Suzanne Griggs, and everyone else who participated.

Mark your calendar and we look forward to seeing you next year!!