Richardson HS National Honor Society

May 6, 2008

The Richardson High School Chapter of the National Honor Society made a donation to GALT upon the recommendation of Marr Sela. To show its appreciation and to show the students the recipients of their generosity, GALT volunteers, Suzanne Griggs, Joyce Walters, Deborah Canterbury, John Hudson, Barb Bray, Suzanne Cody and Carolyn White took Greyhounds to the school on May 6, 2008.

GALT presented a certificate of appreciation to the officers of the Honor Society. All the students were enthralled with the dogs and their stories. From photographs taken of Brody, Forrest and Carter, they could see visual comparisons between the conditions in which the dogs were received and now. A variety of Greyhound colors were also shown to the students, represented by Explorer (who found a buddy who would sit on the floor with him and pet him), Ima, Forrest, Brody and Carter.