Easter Pooch Parade

April 20, 2003
Lee Park

WOW! What a BLAST for the GALT family! Everyone brought a dish and we all shared food, drink and lounged in the sun (finally after just a few early morning sprinkles) with the greyhounds! As always, there was tremendous interest in the greys, with many questions from the parade attendees. This year there were more people than ever. The GALT location was next to the biggest bunny tent we've ever seen. Our Greytest Thanks to Robert Hayden and the guys at Outstanding Productions who were kind enough to let us take a photo there.

The beautiful Cleo and handsome Max Estrada were again stunning entries in the parade, and this year they had some company with Maverick Fields dressed up as, of course, a Dallas Maverick! Maverick was interviewed and featured on Channel 8 Sunday evening, so the greyhounds got a little extra exposure!

Thanks to all you attended. What FUN - as the pictures below tell!