September 16-17, 2006
Addison, TX

For the fifth year, GALT was the only single-breed dog group to participate in Addison's annual Oktoberfest celebration. It was one busy weekend for GALT - the Biker Bash and Oktoberfest in the same weekend. As usual, it was a little on the warm side, but GALT's space on the porch of the Stone Cottage was shaded and caught a breeze.

GALT's greyhounds, Slade (with Steve and Mary Shelton), Peggy Sue (with Byron and Linda Radtke), Amby (with Sara Brouse), Duke (with Donna and Todd Johnson), Zevon (with Stephanie LaNoue), Betty (with Kris Schuster), Rose (with Suzanne Griggs), Emily (with Jayme Skelton and Deborah Canterbury) and Harley (with Brenda Jenkins) showed off for all the revelers.

And you didn't have to be German to join in the festivities, even if it did get a little wet on Sunday. Thanks to all of GALT's volunteers and available athletes.