September 20 & 21, 2003

16th Annual Addison Oktoberfest Celebration
Addison Circle Park

The greyhounds were a hit at Oktoberfest for the third year in a row. This year, only adoptable greys attended with their GALT foster parents and volunteers. The historic Stone Cottage offered plenty of shade and a place for people to visit and learn more about the breed. Bubba had a spot under the trees with Carol Sahlfeld so people can see how beautiful he is. A couple came specifically to see GALT at Oktoberfest and fell in love with the breed! Dakota was taken with them, and it looks as if he may have found his forever home already!

Pocahontas showed her stuff, which is wagging tail and happy smile. Bobby watched from his vantage point on a quilt with his buddies, Nancy Colwell and Teresa Sterling.

Sherry Grubbs, Rita Greer, Susie McQuade, Suzanne Griggs, Joann and Scott Young, Kris Schuster, Jhon and Eddie Estrada and Carrie Ellis were also there to help with Tory, Deb, Waco, Sunny, Huston, Sadie and Pete.

We hope to see you there again next year for the 17th Annual Addison Oktoberfest!