North Texas Irish Festival

March 5 & 6, 2005

Fair Park was again home to the North Texas Irish Festival and all of its music, wares, beer and dogs!!! GALT had its usual spot near the door so the dogs and volunteers could take advantage of the breeze and beautiful weather. Kris Schuster did her usual "bang up job" decorating the booth. Pictures of all of GALT's available athletes were displayed on the backdrop of the booth. All of the greyhounds were festive as well – with beads, shamrock bandanas and Irish hats. Some were more amused than others – you know how dogs are about hats.

Not only were adoptable greyhounds present, but many volunteers and Festival attendees brought their own greyhounds to visit and shop. It was a greyt weekend for everyone, especially puppy Fran, who found her forever home with the Garrett family and their German Shepard and other greyhound, Cashmere.

GALT's special sale item this year was the pair of Singing Magnets. Everyone had fun with those – kids and grownups alike!!! This year GALT also featured jewelry made by Joanne Smith.

Thanks to all the GALT volunteers and everyone who hoisted one for the Irish!! See you again next year.