Lakewood Picnic

April 29, 2006

The rain stopped and the sun came out just in time for the Second Annual Lakewood Neighborhood Association Picnic at beautiful Lakewood Park. GALT was well represented by Blackie (with Freddie Sainz), Sulu (with Stephen and Ardith Couey), Amby (with Sara Brouse), Carmel (with Kelly Craven), Orlando (with Stephanie Lee), Polo (with Ben Holliday), Reilly (with Katisha and Barry Chappell), and Venus (with Barbara Bray).

It was a very lucky day for Carmel and Venus as they were chosen for adoption. Ruby's adoption was finalized by Stephen and Ardith Couey and she became an official sibling to Di.

We discovered that Reilly and Polo would rather play ball with the children than stand around and listen to humans talk about Greyhounds. In fact, Katisha and Barry stopped on their way home and bought Reilly a soccer ball.

Thanks to Carol Sahlfeld for taking all the wonderful pictures and to Jennifer Sweckard for asking GALT to participate again this year.