Ken Smith Memorial Goft Tournament

May 17, 2011
Presontwood Country Club
Plano, TX

GALT's newest Board Member, Fred Busche, is very active in the community as a soccer referee. He and his fellow referees started a charity golf tournament a few years ago after their friend and mentor, Ken Smith, died unexpectedly at a relatively young age. The Ken Smith Memorial Scramble provides the necessary resources to fully fund a Scholarship program for soccer referees.

Fred and his wife, Diane - adopters of GALT's very first greyhound, Apollo (a/k/a Magellan), as well as 4 other GALT dogs (Scotty, Baby, Destiny, and Lucille) -- were kind enough to pay a hole sponsorship fee on GALT's behalf for this year's Ken Smith Memorial Scramble, held at Prestonwood Country Club's Hills course in Plano on Tuesday, May 17th. GALT had a premier location on the 10th hole and passed out snacks, koozies and GALT brochures as each golf group made the turn. It was a super event for spreading awareness about the joys of greyhound adoption. Many thanks to Fred and Diane, in addition to our GALT volunteers who brought dogs to the event:

  • Ellie and Stew Brenner - Rolex and Flux Capacitor
  • Barbara Christian - Hondo and Julie
  • Melody McLaughlin - Sandy and Russell
  • John and Susie McQuade - Patti Blu and Misty Rose