Organic Home & Garden Show

January 8, 2005

GALT started the new year by participating in the Organic Home and Garden Show sponsored by Show Technology, Inc. at the Arlington Convention Center, Arlington, Texas, on Saturday, January 8, 2005.

After a holiday rest, the fosters were ready to show their dogs and help them find their forever homes. As is often the case, GALT was the only dog group at the show. This is the third garden show in which GALT has participated. GALT saw lots of old friends from the "Fort Worth side" and met many new ones.

Thank ROOOOO to all the fosters and volunteers who brought greyhounds, held greyhounds, sold merchandise and informed the public about GALT's wonderful greyhounds: John Rocha, Nancy Colwell, Jhon and Eddie Estrada, Carolyn White, Dawn McMullen, Kent and Sara Ramadan, Sheila and John Berka, John Hudson, Kristin Fields, Emily Danskin, Suzanne Burke, Darvin, Schmidt, David and Cheryl McMillan, Susie McQuade and Suzanne Griggs