Greyhound Planet Day

September 18, 2005
Les Lacs Park

Greyhound Planet Day

Greyhound Planet Day

Sunday morning, September 18 at 9:00am, Les Lacs Park and Pavilion in Addison came alive with greyhounds and their owners!!! Over 150 GALT family members and friends joined together in celebrating and honoring the greyhound and its relatives (galgos) throughout the world. The purpose of this international event is to raise the public's awareness of the wonder and magic of greyhounds as pets, educate others on the current status of greyhounds around the world and to honor those greyhounds who have left us already.

In the spirit of GPD, GALT affiliated with SOS Galgos, located in Spain, for Greyhound Planet Day. The plight of the Spanish Galgo is one that is unbelievable in 2005. GALT has three Galgos in its family, with 4 male Galgos - Ricardo, Edu, Rajas and Pluto - arriving at the end of October! Used collars, leashes and muzzles, new and used, were collected or purchased to be sent to SOS Galgos.

Everyone joined in enjoying the complimentary breakfast, shopping the GreytStore with many new & unique items, purchasing Memorial Balloons, and buying raffle tickets not only for the special raffle baskets there, but also for the Northcoast Greyhounds spectacular wall hanging with the second and third prizes.

Then, if that weren’t enough, nail trimming, microchipping and tick testing were also available, not to mention sketch artists Mary Beth Gibson and Neal Asher.

John McQuade, Chairman, welcomed the attendees, followed by the following speakers: Kelly Craven - Lost Dog Protocol, Dr. Amanda Florsheim – Pesky Parasites, and Mary Waugh Swindell – greyhound obedience, canine good citizen, therapy, etc. At 11:15, there was a Blessing of the Hounds, by David Cole, President, and then the release of memorial balloons for those who have gone before us.

Then on to the best part – FROSTY PAWS – and were they a welcomed treat with the 98 degree weather creeping up on all of us!

A Canine Commissary gift certificate was awarded to Jo O’Donnell, who came all the way from Austin to attend! The raffle baskets were won by Stacy Fillipone, Christine Roth, George Baum, Stacy McNevin, Ingrid Dinsmore and Helen Touey.


GALT extends special thanks to the following sponsors: VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital (Dr. Jeff Ellis), Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center (Dr. Robert Radash) and Canine Commissary.