Greyhound Planet Day

September 19, 2004
Les Lacs Park

Greyhound Planet Day

Greyhound Planet Day

What a celebration by greyhounds and their people!

They came one at a time, two at a time, three at a time and in some instances even four at a time. A gathering of greyhounds is indeed a sight to behold.

The celebration was at Les Lacs Linear Park in Addison on Sunday morning, September 19, 2004. The greyhounds, of course, greeted their fellow hounds by sniffing each other, but all were on their best behavior. The people enjoyed orange juice, Starbuck's coffee and Corner Bakery pastries.

It's always so good to see people in GALT's family and their greyhounds we haven't seen in a while. Everyone loves to swap greyhound stories. It was a relaxed gathering with plenty of opportunities for visiting and chatting.

The GALT GreytStore did a brisk business, and six baskets of goodies were raffled to benefit GALT. Winners were Annette Hall, Daphne Hallman, Karen Lee Humphries, Scott Thomas, John Rocha and Carine Wells. Congratulations to all!

The greyhounds received special treats, too. All hounds received a pig ear, rawhide chew sticks and dog food samples courtesy of Canine Commissary. However, their favorite treat was the homemade frosty paws served to all!

The highlight of GALT's GPD celebration was the honoring of current greyhounds and the memorializing of lost greyhounds by placing a sticker on a balloon with the name of the remembered hound. Fred Busche conducted the Blessing of the Hounds, after which everyone let their balloons go in unison. What an inspirational sight!!

Then, of course, it was time for the greyhounds to nap.
Thanks to everyone for coming!