Greyhound Planet Day

September 21, 2003
Les Lacs Park

Greyhound Planet Day

Greyhound Planet is a day chosen each year to honor the Greyhound and its relatives (Galgos, lurchers, etc.) throughout the world. The purpose of this international event is to raise the public's awareness of the wonder and magic of Greyhounds as pets, educate others on the current status of Greyhounds around the world and to honor those Greyhounds who have left us already.

GALT's Greyhound Planet Day was an unqualified success - for people and greyhounds! The extensive Addison venue, Les Lacs Linear Park and the one-mile walking trail and dog park gave everyone plenty of room. Many thanks to the City of Addison for allowing us to celebrate in their city.

Continental breakfast from the Corner Bakery was served during the morning, while greyhounds and owners shopped the GreytStore and visited with others.

The GALT Treasure Hunt, sponsored by Canine Commissary, was lots of fun for two-legged and four-legged participants. Items were hidden along the one-mile walking trail from the Fire Station to the dog park. There were 17 items on the treasure hunt list. There were lots of some items, such as the Canine Commissary goodie bags, chew sticks, dog paw print tennis balls and fewer of some items like the rope bones, big barbeque-flavored rawhides, and bone-shaped rawhides. To win, a participant had to find either a dog picture frame, greyhound key chain or greyhound button, and gather the most of the other items. Of course, all greyhounds got to keep what they found (just try to take it away!)

First place winner was Tracy Winter and Jackson. Second place went to Chris Crawford and Spencer. Third place was shared by Marissa Merrill and Randy Shipp and Archie, Ranger and Lily. At the end of the treasure hunt, all the dogs played in the dog park for a while before walking back to Les Lacs Park.

Debbie Maupin from Preston Park Animal Hospital was there to microchip the dogs.

There were memorial balloons, on which each person could place a sticker in memory of a greyhound who had gone to the Rainbow Bridge or in honor of a current companion. Earl and Buffy Milner blessed the hounds, at the end of which all of the balloons were released. That was the highlight of the day!

Everyone enjoyed celebrating their greyhounds - GALT style!