Fast Dogs, Fast Cars

September 21, 2002

GALT's greyhounds were showcased at the Concours d'Elegance on Saturday, September 21, 2002, at Millennium Motors in Plano. Our sincere thanks to David Nichols, President of JOASW (Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwest) for selecting GALT as their charity focus group for this annual event. GALT is proud to be involved with such a prestigious group to create a team of Fast Dogs and Fast Cars.

Some of those attending with their greyhounds and also helping with GALT's fosters were Dave & Marilyn Cole, Maria Hernandez, Joe Hoiles, Michelle Scarlett, Suzanne Griggs, Kris Schuster, Ken & Stephanie Lamoreaux, Jessica Sweetland, Jenny Garrett, Nancy Colwell, Lisa Benglesdorf, Stephen & Joyce England, Carol Sahlfeld, Kristin Fields, Joann & Scott Young, Carol & Tom Pulley, and Jhon & Eddie Estrada.

GALT's volunteer of the day drawing winner was Carol Pulley. A drawing was also held for a Starbucks raffle basket and the winner was Jhon Estrada.

Thanks to all for making this one more successful GALT greyhound event. Pictures by Jessica (below) say it all!