Greyt Fall Gathering

October 23, 2004
Chateau de Sparky

The 2nd Annual Greyt Fall Gathering at Chateau de Sparky on October 23, 2004 has come and gone. We truly enjoyed hosting the event and would like to thank everyone who came and made it such a success!!! Once again, the weather was a little warm for October, thanks to the heat wave the week leading up to it, but at least the rain held off!!!!

This year was extra fun with the Halloween Costume Contest for the greys. There were so many greyt costumes and they all deserve a round of a-paws!!

And now for the winners:


Morris and Carrie, owned by Chris and Rachel Duncan. Carrie was precious as the "Love Bug", and Morris was stingingly cute as the "Bumblebee", both homemade costumes!! They received a $25 gift card to Petsmart and a squeaky toy.


Maverick and Duke, owned by Kristin Fields. Maverick was ever so cool as "Elvis", and Duke was captivating as the "Jailbird" (or dog). If only we could have gotten "Elvis" to sing "Jailhouse Rock" to the "Jailbird"!! They received a bucket of treats and two squeaky toys.


Rootbeer, owned by Keith and Sally Woodcox. Rootbeer was magical as "Merlin." He received a picture frame and two squeaky toys.

All afternoon the greyhounds were able to run unleashed and unmuzzled in the spacious yard with all their buddies, and they all got homemade Frosty Paws which Kristin Fields so graciously supplied.

The raffle baskets raised some funds for GALT's projects. The raffle and auction winners were:

  • Ben Holliday - Whimsical dog
  • Joanne Smith - Christmas wreath
  • John Rocha - Dog bed
  • Suzanne Burke - Celtic writing items
  • Kelly Sawall - Dog basket

Deborah Henderson won the beaded collar donated by Star Smelker.

In attendance this year were 47 humans and 39 greys:

Jim & Carol Arnold, Sparky's Grandparents
Mark and Becki Denetz with Sparky, Toby and Eddie
Susie & John McQuade with Katie Bonnet, Bob, Koka Mo, Turbo
Kristin Fields & Reagan with Maverick & Duke
Keith & Sally Woodcox with Rootbeer & Angel
Ben Holliday & Kathy Heffernan with Matrix & Desi
Deborah & Johnny Henderson (+ 2 guests) with Vinny
Tim Stinnett with Bishop, Ellie & Tatum
Bonnie & Phillip Loewenstein with Mackie
Kathee & Kalenn Pangborn, Friends of Sparky
Chris & Rachel Duncan with Morris & Carrie
Paul & Debbie Morton, Friends of Sparky
Karen & Craig Humphreys with Ashley
Jonna Mayes & Mary Holmes with Alex

John Rocha with Billy & Walt
Kris Schuster with Sophie & Hershey
Suzanne Burke with Allie & Huston
Suzanne Griggs with Zeus
Cristine Roth with Zack
Joanne Smith with Hickory
Randy Whipple with Jordan
Bryan Crumpton with Holt & Ted
Wendy & Gary Fanucci with Bella
Sara Ramadan with Friday
Paula & Chris Wilson
Ingrid Kjelstrup with Tony
Karin & Kelly Sawall with Aspen
Star Smelker with Patrick & Mac

By the end of the afternoon we were all worn out!! Sunday was truly a needed day of rest. Once again, thanks to everyone who came and we hope to see everyone next year!!

Mark and Becki