Dallas House Beautiful

August 28 & 29, 2004

Greyhounds are everywhere!! Even at the Dallas House Beautiful Show at the Dallas Convention Center during the weekend of August 28 and 29, 2004!!

Inside venues for the greyhounds during the hot Texas summer months are at a premium. GALT was, therefore, appreciative of being asked to participate in the home and garden show. This was an encore appearance after having participated last spring in the Plano garden show.

Adoptable greyhounds made their appearance for two days and gave the visitors an unexpected treat - the opportunity to pet some wonderful dogs.

Dodge, a very accomplished greyhound, rode the escalator to the second floor where the event was located. He did so well that he rode the escalator down when he left. Cliff found his forever home at this event as did Jock.

On Sunday, Kandice Rowland of Spirits Haven, GALT member and owner of GALT greyhounds, Katy and Jake, gave weary visitors chair massages and donated half the earnings to GALT. Thank ROOOOOOOO, Kandice.

Thanks to all the volunteers who came to showcase the many adoptable GALT greyhounds.