2015 Summer Challenge Grant

For GALT, 2015 is starting out to be banner year - but not for all the right reasons. GALT pups are finding homes at a pace about equal to last year, but our medical expenses, as of the end of May, are far higher.

GALT has already taken in 5 track dogs with broken legs. Four required expensive external fixators averaging $3600 each. Additionally, we took in four dogs seized by the Austin police department as part of an animal cruelty case. These dogs ran up big medical bills too. And we continue to be at the top of the list of greyhound organizations that tracks and shelters call, particularly when greyhounds are in serious medical trouble. That costs a lot of money.

A very generous private foundation (that wishes to remain anonymous) has offered to help us meet this current financial challenge. If GALT supporters can raise $5,000 between now and July 31, 2015, the foundation will contribute equal donations dollar for dollar! But we have to raise the full $5,000 by July 31. Reaching that goal will give GALT a much needed cash infusion of $10,000 for medical expenses.

And there is more good news! If GALT supporters can raise $10,000 by July 31, the foundation will increase its challenge grant to $10,000 as well! If we make it, GALT will have $20,000 to apply to medical expenses!

Every gift counts. Your $10 gift can be $20; your $100 gift can be $200; or your $500 gift can be $1000. Every dollar doubles and it all goes to help our beloved greyhounds. Please do all you can, including spread the word, to help GALT and our injured pups. Time is of the essence!

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