2014 GALT Calendar

The deadline for 2014 Calendar photo submissions is August 4th, 2013.

It's time to start submitting your photos for the 2014 calendar! The calendar is for Greyhounds adopted from GALT or owned by GALT members. Some of our fosters take some delightful photos, too.

The best rule of thumb for images large enough to go to print nicely is to set your digital camera to the largest format it will take.

Somewhere in the range of 8" X 10" at 300 dpi/ppi, or 1280 X 960 ppi or above is ideal. 640 X 480 ppi is the absolute lowest resolution that can be used. If your file is only 100 KB to 20 KB, it's way too small.

Photos from cell phones aren't typically good quality for printing. Some cell phones are capable of large format photos, and they're improving their capabilities with each new phone. Lighting and crisp detail can still be a challenge, however.

JPEG, TIFF, or BMP are acceptable formats. If you've done any photo editing yourself, please send a copy of the original, too. If photos are very large, you're welcome to send them one or two at a time. Please include your name(s) with the dogs' names.

Now for the tough part: please limit the number of photos you send to six. The calendar is for Greyhounds only; no other pets, babies or people in the photos, please. Although we tend to give higher priority to those who didn't make the calendar the previous year, please don't let that discourage you from sending photos, even if your Greyhound got a large photo in 2013.

Email photos to and include the word "calendar" in the subject!!!

Calendar Sponsorships

We're looking for calendar sponsors! Put your logo on a calendar page ($100) or a larger spot on the cover ($500). Sponsors can choose their month - first come, first serve.

Contact Melody at to sign up for a sponsorship or for more information.