Borger's Summer Celebration

July 17, 2008

Lonnie and Marian Jones along with three of their GALT greyhounds, Mariah, Emma, and Paula (Oprah had to stay home), and Valentine, rescued from the Amarillo Humane Society, hosted their first GALT Meet and Greet on Thursday, July 17, 2008 at Borger's Summer Celebration held at Huber Park. Several hundred people attended the event which included games and activities for kids, food booths, various vendors, and organizations promoting their causes and selling their wares.

First to arrive were Valentine, Paula and Emma (only because she begged us to bring her and her bandaged leg - she knew she would get tons of sympathy and she did). They were perfect ladies - greyt with all the kids, loved the old timers that had stories about the greyhounds they grew up with. Mariah, the party animal, wasn't scheduled to attend because she is almost 14 years old, but she really wanted to go. When she got out of the van her face lit many people were there just to pet her! Oprah really wanted to come, too, but it would have been too hard on her to stand that long.

GALT's greyhounds were a greyt hit. In spite of the heat and wind (typical Panhandle summertime weather), the turnout was good. Several potential fosters and adopters were given information and many more adoring fans passed through the GALT booth, much to the greyhounds' delight.