Bone Tasting

Bone Appetit Gourmet Pet Bakery and Boutique
Keller, TX

It was a GREYT day for the Bone Tasting! Thanks to all the greyhounds, other pups, moms and dads who came by to share in the Bone Tasting. Hound Dog Hearts were voted the very favorites, with the Cinammon Rollovers coming in a close second!

Winners of the Raffle Gift Baskets were Mrs. Sandra Izzarelli, Lisa Bengelsdorf, and Felicity Hollister. The door prize winners were:

  • Luke - Gary McCase - Youngest Dog at 12 months, and Cutest Ears
  • Harley and Tyler - Mr. and Mrs. Vern Montgomery - A tie for the longest tail!

Our sincere thanks to Tim, owner of the Bone Appetit Gourment Pet Bakery and Boutique in Keller Town Center located at Rufe Snow and Highway 1709 for sponsoring this fun event!

Some of the tasters: