Dallas Boat Show

July 15, 16, 22 & 23, 2006

The 2006 Summer Dallas Boat Show was a resounding success for GALT – again. GALT's booth area was spacious (located near the cookie vendor, who kept plying us with treats for humans and dogs), where we had plenty of room for Greyhounds, volunteers and visitors. GALT participated for both weekends of the show and was able to showcase 18 to 20 available Greyhounds each weekend. Some lucky greys will find forever homes as a result. This was the first Boat Show experience for some new fosters and we appreciate their efforts. The rest are Boat Show veterans. Some volunteers even took time to look at the boats! We hope everyone had a good time.

GALT thanks volunteers Barbara Bray, Sara Bray, Joyce Walters, Stephanie and Chris LaNoue, Kris Schuster, Jim Johnson, Linda and Byron Radtke, Lisa Bengelsdorf, Freddie Sainz, Lili and Scott Hildreth, Mary Fleming, Sara Brouse (and Jacob), Lori and Sully Sullivan, Paul and Louise Jacobson, Melody McLaughlin, Jenny and Bart Davis, Carol Sahlfeld, Andrea Babiar, Glen and Julie Wilson, Kelly and Ken Miller, Helen Tuohy, Rock Ross, Jayme Skelton, Deborah Canterbury, Cathi and Jamie Short, Steve and Mary Shelton, Kathy Heffernan, Suzanne Cody, Cheryl Morton, Kristin Fields, Nancy Colwell for helping make another Boat Show another GALT success. That's a lot of volunteers and a lot of Greyhounds.