Dallas Boat Show

February 1 & 2, 2003

February 1st and 2nd, the first weekend of the Dallas Boat Show, proved to be full of activity! Thousands of people attended this colossal event, giving GALT’s greyhounds maximum exposure. Once again GALT’s volunteers are sincerely thanked for giving their time and efforts in promoting these magnificent creatures. Those contributing were:

Karen Lee Fall
Ty lawrence with Raven
Kris Schuster
John & Roxy Selman with Carmon & Maggie May
Marissa Merrill & Randy Shipp with Archie & Ranger
Carol Sahlfeld
Scott Young and David with Dana & Moonshine
Melissa, Suzanne & Gary Cody with Fancy & Winston
Suzanne Griggs
Michelle Scarlett with Duke
Mary & Joe Hoiles with Seashell & Max
John McQuade with Bob
Crystal & Rob Jenkins with Mesquite & Pacer
Jenny Garrett
Jessical Sweetland, Photographer
Maria Hernandez
Stephanie Lamoreaux with Jig

Heather & Mark Clark with Ancho
Kristen Fields with Maverick
Beth Brockert
Susie McQuade
Nancy Colwell
Robin Toula & John with Molly
Sherry Grubs with Tammy
Buffy Milner
Ruthanna & Steve Cobb with Guiness & Bruno
Tom & Yvonne Cone with Whimsey
Lisa Bengelsdorf
Ben Hildago
Fred Busche with Magellean & Scotty
Julie & Rick Waller with Crystal
Cara Lynn with Gable
Coral Bucy with Arrow & Shelby
Hildegard Rainbow and Norm
Ingrid Kjelstrup with Tony