14th Birthday Party

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pilot Knoll Park

On April 25, 2015, GALT supporters gathered to celebrate GALT's 14th birthday at Pilot Knoll Park. Attendees enjoyed a wonderful view of the lake and many special events including a delicious BBQ buffet, birthday cake, silent auction, raffles, fenced greyhound run, portraits by Shagly Photography, greyhound massages, Reiki, nail trims and a greyhound spa. The greys and their parents enjoyed fun contests including best costume and baldest butts! Everyone had a greyt time in the sun!

GALT announced the 2015 Star Volunteers with great pride. Volunteers are the heart and soul of GALT and make all things possible. We simply could not live "no grey turned away" without you! The 2015 honorees were Julia Dietsch, Lin Grado, Juliet & Jamie Kopacki, Mark Nardecchia, Melissa Paar, Danika Taylor and Holly Taylor.

Special thanks to the birthday party supporters including The GreytStore, Brother2Brother and PooBGone as well as each and every volunteer who made the event possible. GALT looks forward to celebrating many more birthdays to come with all of you and your hounds! We hope to see everyone next year for the big fifteenth birthday bash!"

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