Happy Hounds - Happy Homes: Marilyn

Marilyn came to us a few days prior to Christmas, 2009. She had been a stray in Amarillo, and to say she had trust issues would be an understatement. Her first few weeks with us she literally lived under Pat's desk in our office, joining us in the bedroom only after she thought we were asleep, and scurrying back to her safe place at the first sign of our stirring in the morning. Meals were wolfed down and only when we were in another room. That was then, but you should see her now. I seldom change rooms without her following close behind, and if she hears my car keys rattle, even if she seems sound asleep in some far corner of the house, she beats me to the kitchen door. Even strangers are greeted with enthusiasm, and her play is frequent and animated. For a month or more we had a few doubts whether this beautiful girl would ever emerge from her shell, but now she is both a joy and a beloved member of our family. Thanks GALT, for making the introduction!