Senior Salute - JoJo

Born January 6, 1996, Racing Name JL's Kristy Jo

JoJo is a fourteen-year-old retired racer, retired brood matron that is currently working as an entertainer at our home making us laugh everyday with her antics. I thought when we brought her home we could provide her with a quiet, stable environment that she could spend her golden years at relaxing with no worries....that's not what JoJo had in mind. Life is too short and JoJo has such a zest for life. She is not throwing in the towel and she has alot of catching up to do...or at least catching birds!

JoJo has shown me that she will continue to live life to the fullest, each and everyday, that lumbosacral stenosis will not stop her...maybe slow her down but she is a determined hound. She chaperones the younger crowd here, always going wherever they go, doing whatever they do, she will not be left behind.

JoJo remains svelte even though food is one of her favorite things. She collects her babies, taking them to her favorite places to sleep on our back porch or in the old chicken coop that we placed a fan in for her comfort. JoJo's first mission was to steal our hearts and that's a done deal.

Marian and Lonnie Jones