Happy Hounds - Happy Homes: Izzy

It's her fault we fell in love with her at the Meet and Greet. First, she tried cock-roaching on the concrete floor of the Petco. Then, she said hello to everyone we passed as we took her for a stroll in the parking lot, batting those beautiful brown eyes in sweet innocence. Now, this 64-pound, 18-month-old black beauty shares our home. Like most greyhounds, she's the lazy type with a healthy dab of spunk.

When Izzy (formerly Charlotte) came to us two months ago, there were adjustments. She had many accidents in the house, refused to eat much, and planted herself on the couch in resistance to her crate each morning. But over time, we've all gotten used to each other, the issues have begun to disappear, and greyhound ownership has surpassed our expectations.

It's a wonder that a dog can teach us so much about life. When we question love, there's Izzy, greeting us with her helicopter tail or following us around from room to room with her "sweet Izzy face." When we begin to take life a little too seriously, we hear her bark softly in her sleep or witness her perform one of her mid-air karate chops after doing her business outside. When we need to find balance, she's there each night, begging us with her soft whimper to take a break and cuddle with her on the couch.

Thanks to Izzy, we have become that annoying couple that can't talk about anything but their dog. A greyhound calendar hangs proudly in our kitchen, and all I can think about these days is owning a house full of greyhounds. When friends tell us about the quirks of their children, we jump in with comparative stories about Izzy. Always, we are at the ready with a list of reasons to adopt not just any dog, but a greyhound. Clearly, we are ruined.

My husband and I contemplated taking the plunge into greyhound ownership for well over a year, and now, we keep wondering, "What took us so long?"