Happy Hounds - Happy Homes: Ember

Almost 10 years ago I adopted Ember. The first few months were rough. She would hide in every corner of my house as long as she didn't have to see me. I slowly started closing off parts of the house to make her interact, at her pace, with me. I'll never forget the first time she jumped up on this big overstuffed chair I had in the corner. She put her two front feet on it....looked back at me to see if I was moving....then she slowly slinked her way up on to the chair....gave me another look to see if what she was doing was okay....and the rest is history. That day brought a tear to my eye when she decided she could trust me. This picture was taken a couple weeks ago on that chair...which was obviously named "her chair" the minute she jumped up. At close to 12 years old, she still has no problem running around the yard, rooing at dinner time, and sleeping like a champ. I truly think we saved each other.