Happy Hounds - Happy Homes: Downie

My Downie.... She came into my life almost 8 years ago. She was only 2 at the time and very, very shy. She was leery and childlike of all things new. Things we take for granted everyday, she seemed amazed by - tree leaves moving and lightly rustling in the wind, squirrels tormenting her by running back and forth on the fence top, not quite knowing how to play with a toy. Now the rustling leaves no longer scare her, she caught one of those squirrels (R.I.P.), and she LOVES her "babies"! The first time she saw a pool, she thought she could just walk across the water. The result of which, was a loud splash, legs flailing (hers in the pool, and mine trying to get to her quickly), followed by a bolt of brindle flying out of the pool, almost as fast as she fell in! She does not go anywhere near a pool anymore.

She tolerates her 2 feline sisters and she 'tries' to play with her toy poodle sister, Kirby, who is mostly not interested due to Downie weighing 55 lbs more than her. Downie has only 3 toes on each of her hind feet. We had to have one amputated because it would constantly dislocate and be very painful. The other had to be amputated due to a dime sized spot of cancer that developed on the toe pad. She's been cancer free ever since. She is most definitely my girl! We were meant to be - her GALT adoption number is 118, and my birthday is 1-18. She helped me through Breast Cancer - so we both are cancer survivors. She's our sweet girl, who greats us everyday with lots of love and excitement and kisses. Nothing beats that kind of love! Thank you GALT, for all you have done, and all that you continue to do!