Happy Hounds - Happy Homes: Buster and Jetta

Dear GALT,

I can’t say thank you enough for the wonderful opportunity to meet so many great people in the GALT group. From the time I met Jetta at the first meet and greet outside of Petco at Preston Park, to meeting Buster in Richardson, to the Wrap Up Party at the Audi Dealership, everyone has been incredible.

Jetta has been with me for nearly 2 months now and she’s changed my life with her energy level and spunk. I’ve also realized that I was overcoming some fears I had had with Rachel (my Afghan Hound). Rachel was so old – every time I came home I never knew if she would be greeting me or not, and when I would get up in the morning, she would scare me breathing so shallow and laying so still. I think those fears are behind me now as I realize that Jetta and Buster are healthy and I have many years to enjoy them and learn from them.

Every morning when I get up, they are full of life and energy, greet me like I just got home from work, and the day starts off incredible – every morning. When I get home from work, they chase me around the living room, and we romp around – and then get outside before an accident occurs. LOL

It’s amazing how much a pet family member can complete a home. I truly feel like my home is complete, and I love these kids! I have a few neighbors who really enjoy stopping by to say hello (more to see Jetta and Buster). Buster really seems to be coming out of his shell. Jetta is still a puppy – and the time-outs using Buster’s ex-pen seems to help remind her when she needs to calm down (like when I’m eating).

Again – I can’t thank ya’ll enough for everything you do for the greyhounds, and for giving me the opportunity to find, adopt, and love Jetta and Buster.